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Tellus News -
  • Tellus supports the NASA Unmanned Aircraft Systems Air Operations Challenge.
  • Tellus supports the Army's Sense and Avoid Technology Flight Test Demonstration.
  • Tellus provides Tactical Tackoff Analysis Tool supporting the C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft program.
  • Tellus supports PM-UAS MUSIC Exercise demo with concept simulations and video production.

Tellus Technology

Tellus Engine

The Tellus Visual Simulation Tool Kit combines the latest gaming technologies with GIS databases to provide a complete simulation environment.


A variety of physics models are combined within Tellus to perform simulated behaviors within a geospatial environment.

Character Animation

Motion Capture (MOCAP) based animation provides high quality human motion simulation within the Tellus simulation environment.


Concept of Operations (CONOPs)

Complex concepts can be difficult to represent with only a document or static slides. Tellus provides the tools necessary to rapidly create simulation based CONOPs.


Tellus provides the simulation framework and representation data ideal for airspace simulation and analysis.


Tellus combines real world locations with general aviation flight simulation to aid pilots in learning complex airspace and flight safety issues.


Technical Presentation

Tellus provides the tools need to construct and represent technical information in easy to understand presentation video using simulation and gaming technology.

Data Engineering

Massive databases are managed within the Tellus Environment to provide quick visualization and analysis.

Flight Test Analysis

Geo-specific visualization is combined with flight analysis functions to perform flight test analysis and validation.



Tellus provides the foundation for training environments with geo-specific application and gaming quality graphics.

Mission Planning

Mission tasking and flight planning are core elements of the Tellus tool kit.

Tellus Studio

The Tellus Engine is visual simulation tool kit that combines the latest gaming technology and with GIS databases to provide a complete simulation environment.